Our geologist/geophysicist Luis Artur Souza Oliveira together with the teacher Dr. Maria Sílvia Carvalho Barbosa, in partnership RAL Projetos, began a field project on geophysics applied to archeology this month (july, 2019).

The project arose through reports of a probable tunnel that would link the House of Tales to the Museum of the School of Mines (Ouro Preto-MG), built in the time of Brazil Colony. The justification of the creation of the tunnel is the high flow of monetary goods that circulated in the old Vila Rica. The construction of the tunnel would be for the storage or transportation of these goods and also documents in relation to government tax revenues.

In order to find the probable tunnel, the project used the geophysical method of electroresistance and will be applied by students from different UFOP courses.

“Knowledge of the history of the past allows us to advance the future.”

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