The strategic management of mining titles is carried out with the help of computational tools, as well as professional technical accompaniment with the National Mining Agency. One of strengths of the company is the provision of a continuous service delivery that aims to anticipate the events of the mining processes, anticipating the necessary adaptations, gaining agility in the time of analysis of them.

We always seek to work in line with the needs of our clients, respecting the legislation in force and ethically assisting in decision-making, seeking the best alternatives in each case.

Main services provided:

- Request for Research Authorization;

- Final Research Report;

- Economic Utilization – PAE

- Partial and Total Assigment of Mining Rights;

- Application for Licensing Registration;

- Follow-up of the Processes in ANM and reading in the -Federal Official Gazette;

- Compliance with Requirements

- Use Guide Project;

- Annual Larch Report – RAL;

- Economic Utilization Plan;

- Regularization with CREA.